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Alternative film & video events of note - late February/early March 

-- Flicker ATTACK! at the Echo Park Film Center, Feb 22 at 8 pm

-- The Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop will meet on Friday, March
2, at 7:30 pm at the Museum of Jurassic Technology

-- Screenings at the Echo Park Film Center

-- Italian director MARIO MONICELLI at the University of Southern
California, on Thursday, February 22nd at 6:00PM in Lucas 108

Flicker ATTACK! at the Echo Park Film Center

Screening 17 Super 8 films made for the Attack in LA, Halifax NS, and
Adelaide Australia.
Each film was shot on one 50 foot cartridge of super 8 film.
The results are quite super!

Where? Echo Park Film Center - 1200 n. Alvarado
When? Thursday, Feb 22 at 8pm

Steve Daniels ³The Flying Squirrel²
Amy Duncan ³Roots²
Kevin Sukho Lee "Karappo City Blues"
Tiffany Simms ³The Photo Shoot²
Megan Donovan and Stacy Kiehl "Jungle Jam"
David Palmer ³Clean²
Jonathan Daw ³The Seagull²
Joe Nankin ³RUSH²
John Cannizarro ³50 Feet that shook the world²
Erik Deutschman "Tea Time"
Eva Madden "maximum 50"
Norwood Cheek ³Re:Collections²
Kathleen Lawler ³DUEL²
Josh Greenbaum ³this is Howie Rowle²
Brenton Culshaw ³Far Trak²
Chris Wagganer "What Are Colors"
Meredith Jenks ³Ruffles Have Ridges²


The Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop will meet on Friday, March 2, at
7:30 pm

We'll meet at our usual place:
The Borzoi Kabinet Theater
Museum of Jurassic Technology
9341 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Bring your new works and works-in-progress. If you are planning to bring
work, especially if it's not on DVD, show up early to help set it up.

The Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop is for film and video artists
working in abstraction. We meet monthly to encourage and inspire the
creation of the Art. Modeled after writers' workshops, it is a time
when artists congregate to share new works and works-in-progress, and to
discuss goals, techniques, aesthetics and ideas. It is a forum for
constructive criticism, so check your egos at the door. Theory is part
of what happens at the workshops, but only as it folds into practice.
Bold claims must be backed up with action! Each attendee should be
engaged in the creation of works. (That's your homework!) If you are
not currently making Art... well, maybe the workshop can help you out!

* Try to feel comfortable showing works-in-progress, as the workshop is
not open to the public as a showcase.
* It is not a place to come to be adored.
* The workshop is not affiliated with any organization.
* Opinions expressed at the workshop are the sole responsibility of the
* These workshops are for fun and inspiration; there's no obligation,
nothing to join.
Echo Park Film Centre Screenings
Come watch a beautiful images dance upon a screen in your own
neighborhood. Shows begin promptly @ 8PM and are $5 (unless otherwise
1200 N. Alvarado (at Sunset)

Thursday, March 1 – Black Dahlia – 8 PM
Not to be confused with Brian Di Palma's flop, this film by Ramzi Abed
is an unforgettable journey into the darkness and mystery of
Hollywood's most famous unsolved murder case. When the beautiful Lisa
Small (Kristen Kerr) gets the chance to play the tragic victim of the
crime, Elizabeth Short, an entire dream world awakens all around her.
All the while, a killer is on the loose collecting women and killing
them in time for the 60th anniversary of the original murder. [Note:
This show is not appropriate for those under 21.] FILMMAKER & CAST IN

Thursday, March 8 – All Things Celluloid – 8 PM
EPFC co-founder Ken Fountain presents 16mm & Super 8 oddities from our
private collection. Projected on film in all its glory

Thursday, March 15 – Experiments in Immediacy – 8 PM
East Coast video-maker and performance artist Julie Perini will
discuss and screen the results from her performance-video-mail
project, Experiments in Immediacy, an exploration of the concept of
"immediacy" in this mediated culture. To explore this concept, Julie
created a series of short videos documenting private immediate
moments. In her search for immediacy Julie broke various social
norms, engaged in public antics and left the camera on. FILMMAKER IN

Friday, March 16 – Political Film Night – 7 PM
The Union of Progressive Iranians presents an evening of riveting
political cinema and community discussion. This month's selection is
Darwin's Nightmare, a documentary by Hubert Sauper about humans
between the North and the South, about globalization, and about fish.

Thursday, March 22 – Love Man Love Woman – 8 PM
This film by Nguyen Trinh Thi explores how effeminate and gay men in
highly conformist Vietnam find community and expression in the
country's popular Mother Goddess Religion, and how globalization is
changing their life. The filmmaker follows Master Luu Ngoc Duc, one of
the most prominent spirit mediums in Hanoi, and his vibrant community
through their rituals and everyday life. These men are called `dong
co' – meaning "princess spirit's mediums" - a term originated from the
indigenous religion that has come to be used generally in Vietnam to
refer to effeminate and gay men. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

The School of Cinematic Arts and Cinematheque 108 proudly welcome one
of Italy's most prolific filmmakers, MARIO MONICELLI, to the
University of Southern California, on Thursday, February 22nd at
6:00PM in Lucas 108.

Monicelli, whose remarkable career spans over six decades of Italian
cinema, will participate in a Q&A immediately following a screening of
his 1958 Academy Award®-nominated classic BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET
(I SOLITI IGNOTI), starring Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman,
Claudia Cardinale and legendary Italian comedian Totò.

Following the Q&A, Monicelli will be presented with an Outstanding
Achievement Award, commemorating and
celebrating a lifetime of profound and enduring contributions to
global cinema and culture.

Monicelli made his official debut as a director in 1949, with "Totò
cerca casa". His career includes some of the
masterpieces of Italian cinema, including "La Grande Guerra" (The
Great War), generally regarded as his finest work, for
which Monicellli was awarded a Golden Lion at the Venice Film
Festival, as well as an Academy Award® nomination for
Best Foreign Language Film in 1959. Monicelli received two additional
nominations for screenwriting with "I
compagni" (The Organizer) in 1965 and "Casanova '70" in 1966, followed
by another Best Foreign Language Film
nomination with "La ragazza con la pistola" (The Girl with the Gun) in
1969. Other key works include "L'Armata
Brancaleone" (1966), "Amici miei" (1975), "Un borghese piccolo
piccolo" (1977), and "Il Marchese del Grillo" (1981).

More than any other director, Monicelli is considered to be the great
auteur of the famed Commedia all'Italiana genre,
crystallizing the many trademark characteristics of this particularly
Italian form of black comedy and satire, which
lampoons the many hypocrisies of the church and state, the dangerously
outdated partriarchal social sturcture and the
egocentrism of the chauvanistic "Latin lover", elements that continue
to remain central to the representation of Italian

Monicelli collaborated and sometimes launched all of the most
important Italian actors of the 20th century, including
Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman, Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti,
Claudia Cardinale, Anna Magnani, Giancarlo
Giannini, Stefania Sandrelli, Vittorio De Sica, Sophia Loren and Gian
Maria Volonté.

He received a Golden Lion for his Career at the 1991 Venice Film Festival.

This event is brought to you by Cinematheque 108 and by "Los Angeles,
Italia: The Italian Film, Fashion and Art Fest", a
week-long festival of free Italian film screenings at Grauman's
Chinese 6 Theatres from Sunday, Feb. 18th - Saturday,
Feb. 24th.

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