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FREEWAVES is offering two paid internships for undergraduates 

FREEWAVES Multicultural Undergraduate Summer Internships 2007 are for 2 positions, Web/Archive Intern and Administrative/Marketing Intern, both for 10-weeks, full-time, $3,500 gross salary. The central project will be setting up next festival on Hollywood Blvd. !!!

In accordance with The Getty Grant Program, candidates must be:

* members of underrepresented groups, particularly individuals of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander descent;

* currently enrolled as undergraduates, who will have completed at least one semester of college by June 2007, and will not graduate before December 2007;

* residents of or attending college in Los Angeles County. Students who have previously served as interns for this program more than twice are not
eligible for this internship.


Overview: From mid-June through mid-August, The Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Interns will undertake a variety of tasks, all entailing a high degree of computer literacy. All of the tasks will be part of Freewaves long time initiative to disseminate the new media arts.

Location: Both internships are located at Freewaves' Office at LACE (6522 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood CA)

Administrative/Marketing Intern

Administrative/Marketing Intern Responsibilities: Provides program support on fundraising, 2008 festival planning, web site and marketing projects.
- Research (online and via phone).
- Image and video compression.
- Online marketing and optimization of Freewaves' web page.
- Developing, editing and preparing documentation (artist bios and info, correspondence, press announcements, information summaries, fundraising materials).
- Database maintenance (admin, video archive and PR).

Requirements for Administrative/Marketing Intern:
- Good writing skills
- Detail oriented, accurate, and thorough.
- Knowledge of media arts preferable.
- Good computer skills (will need to use/learn Word, FileMaker, Photoshop, the internet and possibly Dreamweaver).
- Ability to work in a small, busy office with concentration.
- Ability to work independently.

Web/Archive Intern

Web/Archive Intern Responsibilities: Projects relate to both the existing Freewaves web site as well enhancements planned for 2007:
- Assist with the restructuring of the Freewaves website from an online festival venue to a media arts archive.
- Work with Freewaves staff, technical advisors, programmer and designer to develop enhanced site pages and perform technical troubleshooting.
- Assist with site documentation.
- Compress artist videos.
- Prepare images.
- Produce written and visual materials for web site and related marketing efforts.
Requirements for Web/Archive Intern:
- Knowledge of html, Dreamweaver and Flash preferred.
- Ability to code highly desirable though not required. (Java, Javascript, My SQL and/or PHP).
- Good writing and communication skills.
- Ability to work diplomatically in a team environment (in meetings, via email and on the phone).
- Detail oriented, accurate, and thorough including ability to troubleshoot own work for errors and functionality.
- Knowledge of media arts preferable.
- Knowledge of both Mac and PC environments required.
- Ability to work independently.

Freewaves strives to offer summer interns practical work experience and a range of assignments. Interns will be trained by and work under the supervision of Freewaves Director Anne Bray and Assistant Director Charlene Boehne.
In past years, Freewaves interns have developed skills in numerous software programs including:
- Filemaker
- Dreamweaver/HTML
- Excel and Word (advanced features)
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Video compression programs

How to Apply for this Internship:

First familiarize yourself with areas within Freewaves’ web site. If the
site and Freewaves interests you, forward a resumé and cover letter explaining reasons for interest and addressing how you meet the eligibility guidelines for the internship set by the Getty. If you are applying for the web/archive internship, please send us url’s of your work (sites designed or worked on). We will start interviewing in late April, and will contact you for an appointment if we are interested.

Email your application materials to:
Charlene Boehne - Assistant Director, at charlene@freewaves.org
By Wednesday April 25, 2007.

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